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Class Fb.FitViewer

Method Attributes Method Name and Description
Get History
Remove FitViewer
Set frame id for try on

Method Detail

{Array} GetHistory()
Get History
{Array} Skunumbers

<static> {Boolean} Fb.FitViewer.GetInstance(pConfig)
{JSON} pConfig
Global config used by the class and referenced classes
{JSON} pConfig.FitViewer
Local config used by the class only
{String|DOM Element} pConfig.FitViewer.container
DOM element or element id where the product has to be
{Integer} pConfig.FitViewer.width Optional
Width of the product
{Integer} pConfig.FitViewer.height Optional
Height of the product
{String} pConfig.FitViewer.skunumber Optional
Default frame
{String} pConfig.FitViewer.language Optional, Default: 'en'
Application language
{String} pConfig.FitViewer.css Optional
Custom CSS file
{String} pConfig.FitViewer.zoommode Optional, Default: 'inner'
Zoom mode (values: 'inner'|'magnifier'|'popup')
{Object} pConfig.FitViewer.transparent Optional, Default: false
Get transparent image if available
{Object} pConfig.FitViewer.hideelements Optional
Hide elements object
{Boolean} pConfig.FitViewer.hideelements.photoprofil Optional
Hide element 'PhotoProfil'
{Boolean} pConfig.FitViewer.hideelements.photoface Optional
Hide element 'PhotoFace'
{Boolean} pConfig.FitViewer.hideelements.photo360 Optional
Hide element 'Photo360'
{Boolean} pConfig.FitViewer.hideelements.options Optional
Hide element 'Options' (share facebook, etc...)
{Boolean} pConfig.FitViewer.hideelements.buttons Optional
Hide element 'Buttons' (used to select view)
{String} pConfig.FitViewer.showmessages Optional, Default: 'always'
Show messages (values: 'always'|'once'|'none')
{Function} pConfig.FitViewer.onCallToActionClick Optional
Function called when callToAction element is clicked
{Function} pConfig.FitViewer.autospin Optional, Default: true
Automatic spin on loading
{Boolean} pConfig.FitViewer.spintime Optional, Default: 4000
Spin animation time in millisecond
{Boolean} Fb.FitViewer instance

Remove FitViewer

Set frame id for try on
{String} pSkunumber